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PostSubject: Application.   Application. Icon_minitimeSun Mar 11, 2012 5:16 am

Class: Chanter
Lvl :55
Age: 14
Country/Timezone: Dutch-holland
Langauges(English is a must):English, Dutch and some germany
Previous Legions: Twink Legoins Underground Mirage
How many hours per day are you active: when i dont have scool full day when i have scool uhm like 4-5 hours
How many hours per day do you PvP?: i don't pvp yet me gear sucks i started new char Very Happy but it don't take long before i get better gear
Why do you want to join: i heart its a good friendly legoin and active most legoin that i joinend were not friendly
Why Should we choose you?: Am friendly i wanna help other ppl you can ask me alot
Tell us a few things about your gear: uhm not so good but am working on it but am not somebody that ask for money or something

Cya Ristlo
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PostSubject: Re: Application.   Application. Icon_minitimeSun Mar 11, 2012 6:58 pm

By the time this post is being written you already know the answer because I talked to you in game but I thought you (as anyone else) deserve a formal answer here.

We are sorry to inform that your request was denied.

LionHeart is no ordinary legion where a bunch of strangers group together to create parties to do game stuff. We are more like a legion of friends. To be accepted is to be given the chance to be part of our family. We not only play Aion, we joke around, we mess with each other, we say funny stuff and that improves our fun. To take part in that is as important as to be able to coordinate actions during PvPs, TvTs, instances, etc and for that it is required that everyone must speak a fairly good English.
It's not that we don't speak in our native languages with members who understand it. We do sometimes, but these are exceptional circumstances as we are a very mixed group.

When we talked I could barely understand some of your sentences, not to mention your 2 application posts which are evidence enough that, unfortunately, you are not fit to LionHeart on this requirement.

This is not my (Aarel) sole decision but a decision carefully discussed with other leaders and it is final until you can show us that this requirement has been fulfilled, when we can re-evaluate your request.

Sincerely sorry for the bad news.
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PostSubject: :x   Application. Icon_minitimeSun Mar 18, 2012 6:26 am

I find it sad that you do so. If you know me makes English is not so much. And so it is very're not. And I have my 2 appoclation done my best because I wanted then and there, you do me not to seal. But perhaps this shows that I do not see this legoin only. I am very sorry that I did not go in because I did my best. Well good luck with aion do. I have been stopped -. - /. Mad Mad
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PostSubject: Re: Application.   Application. Icon_minitime

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