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 LionHeart Legion Rules

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PostSubject: LionHeart Legion Rules   LionHeart Legion Rules Icon_minitimeSat Jan 29, 2011 7:38 pm

Legion Rules.

To keep things organized and to be the best, these are some rules for our legion.

Activeness: Being active is a big part of our legion, if i see that you are inactive, then it will result in a kick from the legion. If you are going on vacation or having pc problems and will not be able to play, etc. please notify a me or a centurion, so we can keep your spot in legion.

Respect: You should have respect for all of your legion mates and especially for your superiors such as the BG, Deputies, Cents and legion members who have been here for a long time.

Rule#3 Behavior: LionHeart is a legion that is looking for a good reputation , that means you shouldn't cause trouble and stir up drama for no reason. We want to reflect a positive attitude to the rest of the server.

Legion Activities: When doing Bosses, taking fortresses, etc. Attendance is a MUST!
That means you should stay out of instances while we are doing these things, or be ready to leave the instance.
*Boss Priority: LionHeart is a PvP oriented legion, but we still kill bosses from time to time such as:
`Omega - No longer on a daily/regular basis.
`Menotios - No longer on a daily/regular basis.
`Bollvig Blackheart - No longer on a daily/regular basis.

Trading/Selling in legion: Cooperation is key,Always try to give legion mates a discount or a good deal with something wether it be trading or selling. Helping others get geared will make us all stronger.

Rule#6 Organization: It is Key for all great legions to keep things in order, this means you Need to follow BG, Deputies and Centurions orders and reasonable requests.

Rule#7 Boss Loots: The order in which world bosses will be looted. Brigade General>Deputy>Centurion>The person BG,Deputy orCent says. All Items will be given to the BG for further Distribution.

Do not ask Brigade General for items.
Items will be distributed by BG, depending on Participation, Contribution, Activeness, etc.

*Note: If you are applying for Legion make sure to put "I've Read & Agree to rules at the bottom of your application.

Edited: 2/9/2012
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LionHeart Legion Rules
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